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Customized Fixed Income Strategies

We work with clients and advisors to create customized strategies for specific mandates across U.S. investment-grade fixed income sectors.  Our extensive experience in fixed income and collaborative approach offers clients direct interaction with the professionals who advise and manage their money.  We utilize the extensive resources of Stifel, including state-of-the-art portfolio management systems, comprehensive research capabilities, risk management oversight, trade execution, and reporting.
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Our Clientele

The portfolio management team has experience working with state and local governments, corporations, wealthy individuals, sophisticated family offices, other investment advisors, universities, insurance companies, and foundations.

Who We Are

“We are in the business of fixed income and are flexible working with clients in the way that they want to face us. We work closely with our clients and are committed to delivering their priorities – asset preservation, cash flow generation, and tax efficiency. We personalize strategies and employ a collaborative approach to investing.”

- Adam Topalian